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BODY TOOLZ - Noise/Ear Scissors - CS2040 - BT2040

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BODY TOOLZ - Noise/Ear Scissors - CS2040 - BT2040: These blunt-tipped scissors are ideal for removing stray hairs from the nose and ears.


BODY TOOLZ - Noise/Ear Scissors - CS2040 - BT2040.

They're also perfect for trimming your toddler's finger or toenails or cutting your baby's fine hair. Since they have rounded tip, they are safe to use in difficult-to-see areas as well as on babies. No more sharp-pointed scissors poking or stabbing yourself or your kids! These curved-bladed curve-tipped scissors are made of the highest quality stainless steel and have curved blades for precise, fast cutting.


  • 4" Nose/Ear Scissors with Blunt Curved Tip.
  • Moustaches, beards, and ear hairs should all be trimmed.
  • Trim Your Eyebrows Without Hurting Yourself.
  • Trim Baby Toenails and Fingernails Without Fear
  • Stainless Steel is a material that is corrosion resistant


Summary The Noise/Ear Scissors are specially designed for trimming hair in sensitive areas.
Benefits Safely trims hair in the nose, ears, and other sensitive areas. Rounded tip ensures safety during use.
Material Details Stainless steel.
How to Use 1. Gently insert the rounded tip into the nose or ear. 2. Trim the hair by carefully cutting with the scissors.
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