4 Steps for Growing a Great Beard.

4 Steps for Growing a Great Beard.

Want to take care of your beard but you don't know how to start? Don’t worry! Dukanee is here to give you some tips to help take care of your burgeoning beard.


1. Hygiene is key.

A key element is hygiene. Washing your beard is important to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus! We recommend using a natural soap, distinct from the one you rub on your body. Lather downwards, with the grain as you would when you shave (Not that we'll be doing much of this shaving business anymore...). We recommend doing this every 2 to 3 days to keep your beard healthy and happy.


2. Hydrate the beard

After you have showered, the next step is to dry your hair. You can use a towel or a hairdryer, totally up to you. If you decide to dry with a towel you need to dry in in downward strokes with the grain. Be gentle, drying as well as massaging your face. If a hairdryer is your choice,  have it at room temperature and medium power to dry out the hair. 

After our beard is dry, it's time to lather on the oil! The oil will help us to hydrate our beard and keep out any pesky knots. 

3. Fixation

So fixation is an optional step that will help you determine the type of beard you want. Fixation mostly works to keep the beard rounded and prevent loose hairs from sticking out.

To do this, all we need is to apply a special wax to our beard using downward strokes. The result will be a rounded beard with a natural look! 

You can find our most popular fixations products here. 

4. Shaving. 

At last (though certainly not least), shaving is an important aspect to the growth of every beard. Shaving is the final step that will give the form we want to our beard. First, with a shaver, we'll go ahead and round the cheeks and the line of the neck. After we've shaved the definitive edges to our beard, we can continue with a trimmer to cut the tips of the beard.


And there it is. These recommendations should lead to a healthy and happy beard! You can also  visit your local barber to determine the different possibilities you can have for beards. Sky's the limit with styling, so feel free to keep on experimenting.


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