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ALFAPARF MILANO BB Bleach Easy Lift 7 Levels, 14.1 oz

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ALFAPARF MILANO - Bleach Easy Lift No. 7, 14.1 Oz It makes no difference where you start; what matters is how far you go. On light brown and blonde bases, the BB Bleach line's Easy Lift helps you to achieve the ideal rinse and result.


ALFAPARF MILANO - Bleach Easy Lift No. 7, 14.1 Oz

Product of the highest possible standard
Elegant architecture, functional and realistic product produced with attention to detail
For long-term usage, it is made of a durable fiber.


Summary There is no service that cannot be performed. There is no service that cannot be performed. Easy Lift of the BB Bleach line appropriate to each type of application: use in scalp, wicks with aluminum foil and balance techniques.
Benefits Perfect to avoid unwanted nuances, but above all safe for the scalp: an innovative discoloration that respects hair welfare. Homogeneous and non -volatile texture that when mixing becomes creamy Stable mixture.
Ingredients Potassium persulfate, sodium silicate, magnesium carbonate, sodium steterate, ammonium persulfate, sodium metasilicate, edta, Hydroxyethyllcellose, paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), potassium alginate, silica, hydroxypropyl gua (and Others).
How to Use Mix in a bowl that is not made of Metal BB Bleach with Oxid’o Alfaparf Milano Professional. Mix proportion of 1: 1 to 1: 2 according to the chosen discoloration technique (consult the table). Apply the discoloring mixture in dry hair and not washed.
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